Vision and Expectation. December 28, 2014 (Deacon Augustus Mauro)

Reconciliation is Made Possible. December 24, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Good News Upsets World Order. December 21, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Us. December 14, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

On the Way: Endings and Beginnings. December 7, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Knowing Everything. November 30, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Call and Response. November 23, 2014 (Vicar Beth Hawk)

Stuck Guarding Our Faith. November 16, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

The Wise, the Foolish, and the Living. November 9, 2014 (Pastor Adam Morton)

Saints and Sinners: One and the Same. November 2, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Can’t, Won’t, and Can. October 26, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

God Doing What God Does. October 19, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

The Power of Joy and Peace. October 12, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

God’s Absurd Patience. October 5, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Vision Based on Hope, Not Fear. September 28, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Fairness Is in the Eye of the Beholder. September 21, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Singing God’s Song. September 14, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Talking Heads and Taciturnity. September 7, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Queen Esther. August 31, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

King Josiah: The Best King, Ever (That You’ve Never Heard of). August 24, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Deborah, Judge of Israel. August 17, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

The Tower of Babel. August 10, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Filled and Fulfilled. August 3, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Racism in the Political System. July 27, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Racism in Educational SystemsJuly 20, 2014 (Professor Greg Carey)

Racism in the Legal System. July 13, 2014 (Pastor Carolyn Hetrick)

Human Sin and Institutions. July 6, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

A New Kind of Freedom. June 29, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

The Hard Saying of Jesus. June 22, 2014 (Pastor Mentzer)

Possessed and Protected by God. June 15, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Acceptance and Forgiveness. June 8, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Cast Your Burdens. June 1, 2014; 8:30 service (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Not an Orphan. May 25, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Chosen. May 18, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

I Shall Not Want. May 11, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Religious Words. May 4, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Peace Be With You. April 27, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Another Earthquake. Easter Sunday; April 20, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Jesus Who? Palm Sunday; April 13, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Not Afraid to Die, Not Afraid to Live. April 6, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Jesus and Health Care. March 30, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Dr. Charles Campbell, Guest Preacher. March 23, 2014

Expectation Versus Reality. March 16, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Mission Versus Safety. March 9, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

God Given Sight. March 2, 2014; 11:00 service (Pastor Adam Morton)

Being a Temple of the Spirit. February 23, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Too Simple a Gospel. February 16, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Being Among the Mature. February 9, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Fools for Christ. February 2, 2014 (Pastor Tasha Genck Morton)

Eloquent Wisdom or Wisdom of the Cross. January 26, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Enriched in Speech and Knowledge. January 19, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

A Spirituality Words Cannot Describe. January 12, 2014 (Pastor Tim Mentzer)

Wrapping Up Christmas. January 5, 2014 (Deacon Augustus G. Mauro)