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Two years before the birth of George Washington and 46 years before the Declaration of Independence, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church was a worshipping congregation. Formally organized in 1730, Holy Trinity is the oldest church in Lancaster and one of the oldest in Pennsylvania.

The congregation worshipped in a small stone church on Duke of Cumberland Street for thirty years. Construction of the present brick building began in 1761. In 1766 the new church was dedicated with Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, the patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America, officiating.

Holy Trinity is a living church with the clear recognition of God’s goodness in yesteryear, the hearty expectation of His blessings in the present and confidence in His strength for the future.

Guided Tours of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church are available by calling the church office at 717-397-2734.

For information about researching family records in Holy Trinity’s archives, please call the church office at 717-397-2734.

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“Our House” Archives

Bagger MacIntosh Rev Dr Whitteker
Rev. Dr. Henry H. Bagger Rev. Dr. Aden B. MacIntosh Rev. Dr. John E. Whitteker
FullSizeRender(10) thomas-wharton-jr Charles_Demuth-_Self-Portrait,_1907
Pew Rentals Thomas Wharton Charles Demuth
Freddy  LHOP Henry_Kepple_Beck_self_portrait
Frederick Muhlenberg  Trinity Descendants  Henry Kepple Beck
image007  IMG_1183  
Our House  Rev. Charles L. Fry  

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