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The bike repair clinic is a program that becomes familiar with the neighborhood youth through the repair of their bicycles and hereby directing them to such activities as Cub Scouts. Youth activities and other programs that will provide them  mentoring and positive role models. Here’s how it works: members of Holy Trinity, from May through September, meet on the

first and third Saturdays of the month. They spend their time fixing bikes belonging to members of the neighborhood, by replacing broken tires, inner tubes, brake cables, etc. It is a great way to include the neighborhood youth in the outreach ministry. It often provides children with their only way to get to school or older people a way to get to a job. Mike Ervin, Gregory Nyuland, and Ryan Herzog are good representatives of the program to talk to about this outreach. The ways that you can help are through your monetary donation designated for this outreach, by helping us get more donations of money and time, and by being at the church those two Saturdays a month to help repair, purchase supplies, and talk with (even mentor) the children. Contact us using the “Get Involved” form on the right for more information, too.



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