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Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministry is a ministry of lay persons within our congregation that supplement our pastoral staff. Stephen Ministers provide one to one Christian care giving and support to persons ex-periencing difficulties in everyday life situations. Stephen Ministers undergo a course of training that teaches the use of listening skills and Christian faith to help make God’s love come alive for those experiencing difficulties.

Stephen Ministers are assigned a care receiver in strict confidence, and this assignment may be from one to two years or less. Stephen Ministers meet twice monthly for continuing education, prayer and peer supervision. Stephen Min-isters are called upon to visit our hospitalized members weekly on Saturday or Sunday.

There are various ways that members of the congregation provide health related information and services for members of the congregation. This includes:

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Opportunities to help
Contact us using the “Get Involved” form to the right for more information, too.

401 Prayer. To lift up in prayer those on the congregational prayer con-cerns.

402 Stephen Ministry. To serve as a Stephen Ministry Caregiver.

403 Transportation. To provide transportation to worship, church events, daily appointments for members without transportation.

404 Blood Pressure Screening. To conduct blood pressure testing for Sunday worshippers.

406 Meal Preparation. To prepare meals for members in need.

407 Shut In Visitation. To offer monthly visits to a shut in member of the congregation.

408 Prayer Shawl Ministry. To knit prayer shawls and engage in prayer for those in need.

409 Card Ministry. To send cards of encouragement to members of the congregation.

410 Medical Professional. As a medical profession, a willingness to serve in an advisory capacity or as needed within the congregation, i.e., professional panels for forums, emergency care during Sunday mornings.

411 Assist with preparing food or serving at a reception.

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