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Sunday School

At 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings from September through May, Trinity’s children gather on the lower level of the Fisher Parish House for Sunday School. Designed for children of pre-school age through fifth grade, the children explore topics from the Old and New Testament through the use of instructional videos, games, art, cooking and science. Sunday School is NOT a sit and listen experience, rather the children actively interact with key concepts each week.

Trinity’s children also rehearse for the annual Christmas Play during Sunday School and look forward to sharing their hard work with the congregation in December of each year.


During the summer months, there is no formal Sunday School, rather the children can gather as they wish in the childcare area to watch a movie (with a teaching point), hang out and have a snack.

All of the Sunday School teachers and professional childcare staff have submitted to a criminal back ground check and are looking forward to sharing Jesus’ love with your child. Come and join us and find out that Sunday’s Cool!

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