This summer was a constant reminder of how joyful and terrifying parenting is all in the same breath.  This summer has included John starting to repeat everything and I mean EVERYTHING we say, my first overnight away from him while I was on the mission trip, spending a week shepherding others parents’ children on the mission trip, and continually trying to give myself grace in the midst of being a mom, wife, pastor, friend, and citizen.  Here are some random thoughts, observations, and things I learned.

As we dive into a new program year of this column I’ve seen things I’ve talked about last year start to come around slowly but surely.  While John repeating everything we say means we have to start watching what we say around him even more carefully it has also meant he has started to recite books.  One book we read to him every night is a board book of The Lord’s Prayer.  He has started to cobble together a toddler-version of that which is adorable, hilarious (sometimes he doesn’t quite get the “not” in the “lead us not into temptation” so it’s more like “lead us into tation”), and heartwarming.

I love spending time with other people’s kids almost as much as I love spending time with my family.  My summer saw me heading to confirmation camp for a day and leading the youth mission trip to Lynn/Boston.  Their insightfulness, generosity, playfulness, and joyful spirits were infectious.  Please know I see you doing a wonderful job raising your children and youth.

If you want a helpful read please google The Atlantic’s piece “Have Smartphones Ruined a Generation.”  It’s long but does a great job outlining the differences in generations.

Looking forward to another year of putting together these articles.  Thanks for being along on this journey with me and my family and the church’s many families of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Pastor Tasha Genck Morton